• What is CMN?

    CMN is a mobile application for iPhone and Android that offers military-grade encryption protection for your calls, messaging and all your personal and private information such as photos, videos, call logs and contacts.
    For your personal data CMN completely protects the information in your phone from unauthorized access by placing it in an encrypted Personal Vault which only you can access with your password.

    Make secure phone calls and share with close friends via fully encrypted VoIP calls and messaging. CMN also offers some unique messaging features to allow you to control the messages you send even after they have been delivered with remote deletion and message recall functions. You can even put a self-destruct mechanism into a message to prevent it being passed around!

  • What can I do with CMN?

    1. Make secure phone calls using encrypted VoIP
    2. Send securely encrypted SMS
    3. Message and broadcast to private groups
    4. Safely share photos& videos with circles of friends
    5. Keep contacts, messages, call logs, photos & videos in asecure Personal Vault
    6. Help prevent re-distribution with automated message self-destruct
    7. Recall messages after they have been sent
    8. Embed timed self-destruction into messages
    9. Utilize a decoy password to keep your secrets even safer!
  • Where can I get CMN?

    CMN is a free downloadable mobile application. If you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, please download CMN from the App Store.
    If you are using an Android phone, please download CMN from the Android Marketplace (Google Play).

  • What mobile devices are supported by CMN?

    • iOS Devices: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch. iOS version 5.0 or higher.
    • Android Devices: Most Android smart phones. Android version 2.3 or higher.
  • Does CMN need a data plan?

    In most circumstances yes, a data plan from your carrier or service provider will be required to use CMN. However, if your device has consistent access to WiFi, you don't need a data plan.

    CMN uses Internet connections to send SMS and transmit voice calls. With access to a Wi-Fi area you can make free calls and send free SMS!

  • What is the CMN Personal Vault?

    The CMN personal Vault is a location which is fully encrypted and hidden from view. When you log in to the Personal Vault using your password, you access all your hidden and encrypted files. The Personal Vault can copy files from your main storage or other locations and lock these files away from those who you do not wish to see them with unbreakable encryption. There is another area where your visible contacts are kept which is controlled by a decoy password. If you ever need to give someone access to your phone, the decoy password is used which shields your Personal Vault and only displays the contacts, messages etc. that you don't mind people seeing or using.

  • My device doesn’t have 3G or 4G, how could I use CMN?

    As long as your device has consistent access to Wi-Fi, you can use CMN without 3G or 4G network coverage. Most CMN features work on the old EDGE network. The main thing you need is a reliable Internet connection. How you achieve that on your device is pretty much transparent to CMN. Therefore with access to a Wi-Fi area you can make free calls and send free SMS!

  • How it a CMN phone call so much more secure than a regular cell phone?

    A cell phone call is transmitted through a number of stages in its route to the recipient. At many points in this process the signal becomes an open broadcast and can be picked up fairly easily with the right equipment and listened in on. To ensure a call is inaccessible to those other than the caller and the receiver, the call must be encrypted. As CMN uses VoIP (Voice over Internet) calls are made digitally so the call signal is basically a long series of numbers divided up into “packets” which are regular sized data pieces.
    Using encryption, these packets are scrambled (encrypted) at the sender end and unscrambled (decrypted) at the receiver end. Along the way the call or message is simply a flow of these packets whose actual contents are unrecognizable until they reach their destination, where they are reassembled into the original signal. This all happens so fast the process is not noticeable to the caller. There are no delays or reduction in sound quality. In fact the sound is generally better than a cell phone service can manage. Regular cell phone messages are sent/received “as-is” offering the chance for relatively easy interception with a tunable receiver. The encryption used in CMN is military-grade AES standard cryptography offering an unsurpassed level of protection from such unauthorized eavesdropping.

  • Why is CMN text SMS far more secure than regular text SMS?

    Traditional text message is transferred in a simple and readable text format across cellular carrier networks. This renders a text message readable at many points through its transmission. This is even more of an issue if the message is transmitted between different carriers. A CMN text message is encrypted so securely that they cannot be read by anyone who is not authorized i.e. no-one but the sender and recipient. Our encryption makes it impossible to reconstruct the message without the decryption key which is only available to the recipient and is applied transparently to sender or receiver.

  • What is self-destructing message?

    You can use CMN to send self-destructing message which will automatically self-destruct after the recipient has read the message or after a specific time. The effect is to completely wipe the message remotely and automatically – at the time you decide.
    This helps to prevent personal or private messages being propagated without your knowledge. It also allows you to deliver a time-sensitive message with an expiry that results in a self-destruct process.

    • Please be warned:There is no guarantee that self-destructing messages will be destroyed exactly at the specific time. However, you can always check the message status to see whether a message has been destroyed on the recipient side.
    • Also Note: CMN cannot prevent the user on the other side from taking screenshot of a message, taking a photo or scanning their screen.
  • Is a Self-destructing “Delete on Read/View” message deleted immediately after the message is read?

    No, there is a short delay; a “Delete on Read/View” message is actually deleted about 10 seconds after the recipient reads the message; however it cannot be re-sent or forwarded in that time. This allows their device to properly close the message and clear the screen before a confirmed deletion takes place.

  • How do I use CMN to share sensitive information?

    Sharing sensitive information and keeping it safe and secure is what CMN does best! It allows you to keep everything you choose private, in a totally secure encrypted Personal Vault. When you want to share any of that information with others your message remains in an encrypted format right up until the moment it is opened. This means that sensitive information, your private pictures and personal videos are all safely encrypted throughout, and only ever available to you and the intended recipient.
    Additionally, with CMN’s unique self-destruct technology, the messages and photos you send can be automatically destroyed. Remote deletion allows you to make a remote message deletion too allowing you full control over your SMS messages.

    * Note: CMN cannot prevent the user on the other side from taking a screenshot of a message, taking a photo or scanning their screen.

  • How does CMN protect my private information?

    CMN protects your information, messages, pictures, videos, contacts, call logs by encrypting them when you store them in your Personal Vault. This vault is totally inaccessible to anyone without the password which is also the encryption key. Using the decoy password merely displays information you are happy to make visible. Although it is still a password protected area, your hidden information remains hidden in the vault and inaccessible from the decoy login. The encryption technology used is military-grade and unbreakable.

  • How are my contacts kept private?

    Your contacts in the address book are available in two separate storage areas:
    The Hidden Contacts contains your private contacts and is kept in a separate hidden area to your main access. This requires a password to access, is encrypted and totally secure. Hidden contacts are not visible or available in the main address book through the decoy login where your visible information is kept. If you need to hand your phone to someone you would use/give them the decoy login so that they cannot see your Personal Vault or its contents.
    The contacts list at the decoy login for example shows contacts that you don’t need to hide or keep private, same goes for messages and videos, photos etc.

  • What encryption algorithms are used in CMN?

    CMN uses various encryption algorithms such as AES-128, AES-256 and RSA. AES-256 and RSA are in reality crack-proof. The numbers are vast when it comes to trying to compute combinations to decrypt. To put it in perspective even the lowest level (AES-128) of any of these encryption mechanisms generates a key that is so variable, there are more atoms in the known universe than there are combinations! (Roughly 2128 Vs. 272 atoms!) All the computers in the world combined could not currently crack such a combination in under a thousand years. This is why the military use it in all their communications equipment!

  • If someone sees my decoy password will they gain access to all my files, messages, logs and contacts?

    Yes but they will only gain access to your main contacts, messages, photos etc. in the decoy area. The decoy password will only allow access to your main message, storage areas and contact list. Anything in your Personal Vault will be encrypted and protected by the main password. The Personal Vault hides all your protected data so this will be a different password to your decoy Password. Everything in the Personal Vault including the vault itself is invisible when the decoy password is used to log in.

    The result is that to get hold of your all your data, someone would have to have both passwords, and know that the Personal Vault existed. The Personal Vault encryption is unbreakable so without the vault password, the data there will always remain secure.

  • How can I find out if my friends are using CMN?

    you know your friend’s cell phone number, you can try to find your friend using CMN by their phone number. If you cannot find them and you want them to join you on CMN, you can simply invite them using the invitation function.

  • How do I invite my friends to use CMN?

    CMN app has built-in invitation function. It’s totally free for anyone to use!

  • What is CMN ID?

    Each CMN user is assigned a unique ID. You can find your CMN ID in the “Friends” or “My Profile” screen.

  • How do I add other CMN users to my CMN friend list

    First of all, you need to know either the CMN ID, or the phone number of the CMN user.
    Click the button on the “Friends” screen and follow the dialogue toinvite the CMN user to be your friend.

  • Can I send messages to friends who do not have CMN?

    Yes. But regular SMS messaging services through a cell phone carrier will be used to deliver the message. Your carrier may charge you for the SMS messages you send using their service (CMN SMS are free). Additionally, remember that regular SMS is an insecure method so your messages can be intercepted and read. To avoid your personal information being broadcast this way, invite your friends to use CMN so you can all send and receive securely encrypted SMS messages.

  • Can I call friend who does not have CMN?

    Yes. But a regular phone call will be established which may be chargeable by your carrier. Your regular phone call is not carried using secure methods either, so invite your friends to use CMN and you will all be able to make secure phone calls that no-one can listen in on - unless they stand next to you while you speak!

  • Why does CMN need my phone number to activate the service?

    You need a cell phone to receive an access code for activating CMN on your phone. Obviously we need your number to send the activation code to. This is to protect the security of your new CMN installation.

    Note: Starting from V1.0.2, you can skip phone number verification to activate CMN.

  • Does CMN upload my address book to CMN server?

    To allow us to connect you with as many of your contacts that have CMN, we check your phone numbers and match up existing users. Only the phone numbers and name of each contact in your address books are uploaded to CMN server to find out who in your contacts are also using CMN. The phone numbers are encrypted in an irreversible way.
    This simplified contact information is not stored in CMN servers. The process happens only once and immediately after you activate CMN on your phone. CMN will not upload any contact information to the CMN server after that and the initial upload is retained on the server no longer than necessary.

  • My phone was lost/stolen. Do I need to worry about the information protected by CMN?

    You need not worry about the data protected by CMN. No-one who finds or steals your phone will be able to access it. CMN uses military grade encryption algorithms to encrypt your private information such as call logs, messages, contacts, photos and videos. Nobody will be able to access your private information without knowing the correct passwords. There is no way around this for a thief or casual finder to access your data. In addition, the information stored in the Personal Vault is protected by the vault password offering a double layer of protection. Even if you were logged into your visible data through the decoy password, the vault remains hidden and safe.
    If you really need certainty that your data is not available to anyone (even though we assure you our encryption cannot be broken), you can remotely wipe your data from another CMN activated device. Stolen phones are further covered by intruder detection functionality.

  • Is the private information in my Personal Vault saved on your servers?

    No. Your secret contacts, photos and videos are stored locally on your device only. You are the only person who can access the information by entering the correct password.

    Note:When you send a message or share a secret contact, a photo or a video to friend via CMN, an encrypted copy is cached on CMN servers for performance reasons. However, no one, including employees of CMN, Inc. could decrypt the cached copy as the encryption is unbreakable without the password - which only you will know. The cached copy will be cleared after a short time and is not archived.

  • What is the Decoy Password?

    The Decoy Password is a separate password to allow you to maintain a visible set of contacts and messages etc. that you don’t mind others seeing. All the stuff you don’t need to hide. If someone needs your password to use your phone or wants to see your messages, you can use the decoy password. When the Decoy is used to login, neither the Personal Vault nor its contents will be visible.

    The Personal Vault is your own “safe deposit box” where you store the contacts, photos/videos, messages, logs etc. you wish to keep hidden and away from prying eyes. The Decoy password login will not allow the vault or its contents to be seen.

    Note:You can create multiple decoy passwords. Each has a separate private space.

  • What is the difference between the Main Password and Decoy Password?

    The Main Password and Decoy Password have absolutely the same function. They let you access your device but allow access to two distinct areas.

  • Is there a way to easily figure out whether a password is Main Password, or Decoy Password?

    No. Main and Decoy Passwords have identical functions and formats. They just allow access to different areas of the phone. You will soon know when you enter a password whether it is correct or not.

  • Can I recover either of my passwords if I forget them?

    No. To protect your private information securely, CMN does not provide a password recovery function so please carefully remember your passwords.The passwords are used to create an encryption key. Once the key (password) is changed, stored data is rendered unreadable and unrecoverable.

  • How do I change my password?

    From the main screen select: More > Setup Passwords >Change Main Password

  • How do I change a decoy password?

    1. You login CMN with the decoy password that you want to change.

    2. From the main screen select: More > Setup Passwords >Change Main Password

    Note: When you login CMN with the decoy password, changing the main password actually changes the decoy password that you used to login CMN.

  • How do I delete a password?

    From the main screen select: More > Setup Passwords >Deactivate

    Note: If the password is deleted (a deactivation takes place) all information and history will be deleted with it.

  • How do I delete a decoy password?

    1. You login CMN with the decoy password that you want to delete.

    2. From the main screen select: More > Setup Passwords >Deactivate

    Note:If a decoy password is deleted, all information and history associated with this password will be deleted with it.

  • How can I quickly lock my CMN screen?

    When you are using CMN, you can shake your phone to lock CMN screen quickly. After locking, anyone trying to access the device will need a password to get back in.

  • How could I know somebody had tried to access CMN?

    CMN will catch an image of the intruder by taking a picture if your device has front camera. The GPS location where the intrusion happened will also be recorded.
    You can view the intrusion report from:More > Usage or alternatively at: Logins > Intruder Access Logs.

  • Why does my photo still exist in the iPhone camera roll after I have imported it to CMN?

    Photos in an iPhone camera roll cannot be deleted automatically so after importing them into your CMN hidden album in the vault, you need to launch the iPhone Photos App and manually delete the relevant photo(s) that remain in the camera roll.

  • How do I save a photo from a browser or Email to CMN?

    Tap the photo in your browser or Email, after holding for a moment or two, a menu will show up. This menu should have a [Copy]Command which on selection will copy the image to memory. Return to CMN, select an hidden album, tap the[Paste] button and the photo will then be pasted into the album.

    If your device is Android, you can save this picture into your phone album, and then save it into your CMN private album.

  • What is a CMN circle?

    A circle is a group of CMN friends. You can use private group messaging using these circles.

  • What can I do with a circle?

    A circle is primarily used to send a broadcast message or start a group chat.

  • What is the difference between a circle broadcast message and circle group chat in a circle?

    1. When you send a broadcast message to your circle, they all see the message and that you are the sender; only you will be able to see any replies to your broadcast message.
    2. In a group chat,a message from any member is also sent to all other members in the circle but replies are visible by everyone in the circle.
  • Is CMN 100% safe in terms of protecting my private information?

    CMN is only 100% safe if you follow the usage guidelines. As with anywhere under secure access; if you give away the key, someone can get in. In terms of your encrypted data, there is no way the encryption algorithm can be broken. The only access is via the password, which is used as the encryption key for all your data. CMN is extremely strong in protecting your private information with reasonable cautious use, using strong passwords, enabling auto-lock with a short time interval, setting up decoy passwords to add encrypted personal vaults etc. Ultimately, the encryption we offer is however un-crack able so as long as you protect your passwords your data will be completely safe too!

  • How should I choose a Password to offer the best protection in CMN?

    The passwords allowable in CMN are numeric only and can be up to 16 digits long. Protecting your password from observers and not using obvious combinations like your date of birth etc. is good practice.

  • If the CMN app is accidently deleted, will my private information inside CMN be deleted?

    Yes, so be careful in this respect. This is the situation depending on the OS your device uses:
    iPhone users:To prevent the app being deleted accidently, it is highly recommended that you enable your iPhone restriction for deleting Apps. You can tap the[Enable Restrictions]button to turn on restrictions from iPhone’s Settings>General>Restrictions, then move the [Deleting Apps]slider to the OFF position.
    Android Users: (Settings > Manage Applications)
    Android Users: (Settings >Manage Applications)
    There is no accidental application deletion mechanism on the Android. However at the attempted deletion of the application, a series of dialogues will ensure that you understand what will happen so an accidental deletion is unlikely.
    Someone who gets hold of your phone with malicious intent may not be able to access information protected by your CMN but they could make an app deletion that could erase your data irretrievably. For this reason it makes sense to ensure you use the phone lock functions set with a short time delay to minimize this exposure.

    CMN is already developing a cloud service to backup your private information in the cloud securely. Stay tuned!